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Go Naked with Your Scrub

Go Naked with Your Scrub

Manual exfoliation: (The cliff note version) Scrubbing your skin with a granular substance (like sugar) removes superficial dead skin cells, which increases moisture retention and circulation, smoothes the skin and allows for deeper cleansing of the pores.

With that said here are my thoughts:

The emphasis here are on the words granular substance- not moisturizing substance, not fragrant substance, not herbal substance nor therapeutic substance. Granular Substance.

Scrubs are for scrubbing, nothing more and nothing less. Which boggles the mind, at least my mind, why scrubs, whether for face or body, have become so complicated in the way they are formulated. Adding expensive oils, essential oils, whole herbs and flowers, herbal extracts and antioxidants seems wasteful considering many of the ingredients end up going right down the drain, literally.

This is why the SSB Basic Scrub contains a minimal amount of carrier oil and no essential oils. But going naked is even better! It’s an effective one ingredient oil-free scrub that is perfect for all skin types and rinses without leaving any residue.

Go Naked Scrub:


  1. Sugar (2/3 - 1 cup)


  1. Scoop up a palm full of sugar in your hand.

  2. Wet sugar to the consistency of wet sand. This can be achieved by carefully running sugar under water without over saturating.

  3. Apply to washed and rinsed skin, adding water as needed to maintain glide.

  4. Rinse, pat dry and follow up with seasonal moisturizer.

There you are - the Go Naked Scrub. So simple a cave woman can do it.

That’s all I got. For now.



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