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Scrub Class 101-  There are RULES

Scrub Class 101- There are RULES

In my house there is a rule for EVERYTHING and skin care is no exception. So let’s get to Scrub House Rules.

RULE #1 Your skin is not a cast iron pan. Let the natural abrasiveness of the scrub do the work for you.

RULE #2 Scrubs are exactly that - Scrubs. The primary action of a scrub is exfoliation, not moisturization. It grinds my gears to see a scrub on the shelf or on Pinterest drowning in oil. Seriously, ONE tablespoon of carrier per cup of sugar is more than enough. TWO tablespoons if you want to be oppositional. And just as an FYI, you don't even have to use oil at all. (Did I just blow your mind with that last little tidbit? Check out our blog Go Naked with Your Scrub!

RULE #3 Scrub protocol: 1) Wash and Shave. 2) Rinse. 3) Scrub. 4) Rinse. AND the most important of them all 5) Wash those important parts one more time. If you don’t, I don't want to hear anything about your murky experience with swamp ass.

RULE #4 Once you are out of the shower you want to pat dry, leaving your skin just the slightest bit damp.

RULE #5 Apply moisturizer. Now this little rule has some obvious caveats due to seasonal changes. In the summer, the oil residue from the scrub may leave behind a layer of perfect moisturization. In the spring and fall, following up with a light lotion may do just the trick. But as winter moves in, salves, balms and amazing butters like the SSB Body Butter will be your best friend and ally fighting off the woes of winter skin.

Rule #6 Do your scrub at night. Most skin care treatments should be done at night taking advantage of the restorative processes that come with sleep.

Scrubs are amazing and even more amazing when you follow the RULES.

If you are looking for a quick go to recipe for an on demand quick and easy scrub here is an SSB favorite.

sugar scrub (13).png
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